Sadness, excitement and soon to be forgotten...

Sadness, excitement and soon to be forgotten...

It is the first of December and it's raining cats and dogs, no snow in sight and it feels more like autumn than winter. I’m trying to act surprised, but in all honesty with everything that's happened this year I am not that surprise. Santa has to redesign his sleigh with wheels if he wants to keep all children happy on Christmas morning. Covid-19 is still present, is this the new way of life, keeping distance and feeling more alone than ever. #sendhelp is trending more than ever and the only positive I can say is that soon will this F*cking year over!

I’ve had enough sadness, we at To Decay hate this so last week over a sad cup of coffee via zoom we made the decision to F’ out this year! We are launching our F*CK YOU 2020 COUNTDOWN today - a way for us to stay positive and give you some happiness with massive discounts on special gifts… well if you want to flip the bird or say I f*cking love you, we will help you out! 

Please enjoy our F*CK YOU 2020 countdown from December 1st to 30th with one new surprise each day and a special one on the 31st! All products will be discounted on their individual launch date, however, they will be available at the original sales price the day after!

Stay safe, stay positive and lets F* out this year in style! A big thank you to all of you who supported our small brand so far during this bloody year!

I truly send my warmest hugs, and stay tuned for more updates.